May’s Blog 2019

Dear everyone,

As I am writing this blog, birds are singing outside, the sun is struggling to shine under the heavy clouds. We know spring is here, but I believe it will only last probably a week or two before the summer heat hit us.

On the other hand, the semester is over, and I am very happy because I am very tired. This semester was extremely challenging, and I have learned so much. I learned about perseverance and chemistry taught me patience. Chemistry is a very interesting subject, I fell in love with it, but love wasn’t enough to succeed. There were so many homework per day, where I had to do chemistry for three hours a day, and I had 4 other classes to manage at the same time. My schedule felt like I was juggling rocks on fire every second of that semester, ( and there was no way for me to drop any of the rocks on the floor). With all that said, I succeeded with a lot of sweats, late nights and a lot of coffee.

In conclusion, looking back at this semester, it was great experience. It built me up a little bit more.

Happy vacation to all.



April’s blog .

Dear everyone,

I am so happy spring is here, and that the sun is shining on all of us.

But, right now it is the time of the year where everything is about stress. And we all know what that time is :”” finals “.

So far, I still haven”t been able to enjoy the beautiful weather because I have been preparing for finals, especially for my chemistry. It is not necessarily super hard, but it is challenging with many chapters.

So far, I can say it was a hard semester, but I am so close to the end of it. Those last two weeks are going to be hard work, but I know at the end it will be worth it.

This is all for this month. And I wish everyone a happy spring.

Best regard



April’s blog

Dear everyone,

I am so greatful that the weather is getting warmer, and that the semester is getting closer to an end.

So far, not  much have happened except for the fact that I feel this semester is wearing on me. Classes are a bit tough, and I miss having a biology class; but at least, my next semester will be more focus on the biology courses.

On the other hand, I decided to do summer section for classes. And I decided so because I have nothing plan for summer, so I rather do something more constructive like attending classes and learn more. I know it sounds a lot, but I won’t be having such heavy workload; I will be taking 2 classes a time per section. By section I mean that the summer is divided into two sections: where May and June is the first section, and July and August is the second section. I love learning, and I love being in class, and I love the feeling you get when you arrive to the finish line and realize you survived, and accumplished everything you wanted.

Finally, I will say my semester is going on neutral zone where  I am tired, but I am still moving forward no matter what. Also, my position as president is very challenging where each week I need to come with a brand new idea to keep everyone interested. My other challenge is making sure everyone is completing what they need to complete, and that is a very interesting responsibility.

The good news about all those challenges and responsibilities is the fact that I am becoming more mature, plus I am having a new and a better perspective of the world.

With that said, I will finish this sentence with my favorite quote:” Life will never give you honey without the bite of the bee”. (A.Juste 2017)

Best regards.

Happy Spring.


february 2019 blog

Dear everyone,

This winter has been one of the roughest winter I ever witness; from having freezing wind to having so many days cancelled from school. Many says that spring is close, so let’s hope so.

Apart from the constant complaints from me about winter, I would say my semester is very interesting; in a way where I try to get involved  on campus as much as possible, but also keeping my grade on track. I am not even going to lie, I am being challenged really hard by chemistry, but at least we can say the chemistry tutoring center is my second home. And I am also realizing how much my love for biology and math is getting more intense as the years go by.

On the other hand, since I became president of the francophone club, I’ve been really busy by keeping it fun and interesting. To be honest, it is a lot of work, but the good thing is I am learning so much by starting with leadership skills, but also learning how to interact with a diverse community.  And most of the time, I always say that 24 hours is not enough for my day.

Finally, one fun thing I did this month was the fact that I was a judge at the Central Minnesota Regional Science Fair. I had the chance to learn so much about different projects, and meet amazing people. With that said, I believe I will be attending again the following year.

This is all for this month, and hopefully by my next blog, spring will be here for all of us.

Good end of February.

Best regards.

January 2019 blog.

Dear Concord Foundation,

This semester started really great, except for the fact that winter is very painful this year; right now, we are having those negative numbers (-32 degrees), and I am not very happy about it.

The good news so far, is that my classes are very interesting , especially for my chemistry class. I am not quit sure if I have love for chemistry yet, but at the end of the semester, I will know.

On the other hand, my position as president of the french club is going in a great direction; and soon we get to present our organization into a little exposition call sidestreet, where every clubs on campus get to present their organization, and have the chance to welcome future and new people if they want to join.

To this point, I am brand new into the semester, but I already have my schedule set, and my school habits in order. I can’t wait to see what I get to do during this semester.

Wish all the best for this year, and happy start even with the cold outside.

Best regards.

December’s blog.

Dear Concord,

I am so happy that the fall semester is over, and that the year is almost to an end.

During this semester, I was challenged really hard due to my biology classes. I realized how I don’t like introductory courses because they cover too many subjects at the same time, which makes it harder to retain everything in so little time. My other challenge for the biology classes was for the fact that they were prerequisites, so it wasn’t necessarily an area of my interest, which made it harder for me. I realized that I love human anatomy, but genetics is a field that I will probably never like.

More importantly, those classes taught me so much; they taught me that sometimes in life, we will be put in position that we don’t appreciate, or some moments are not going to be favorable or easy to us, so we need to adapt, learn, and strive. I am not going to lie, it was hard, painful, and sometimes I did questionned myself, but during all those demanding moments, I learned to adapt, I learned to grow and to keep moving.

Since I started college, this fall semester was the hardest learning experience, where I had to really get out of my comfort zone. And for the first time, having to be mature wasn’t only a state of mind, but I had to put it in actions.

I am happy with myself, but especially with everyone that taught me a little bit more about life, and myself.

Well in one word, it was a great year, and may 2019 brings blessings for all of us.

Best wishes.

November’s blog.

Dear Concord,

Winter is officially here, and I am so ready for summer because I don’t really like cold weather. Soon it will be the end of the year, and it amazes me how fast the semester went, especially the year of 2018; I realized the older we get, the faster time goes by.

I am at the end of my semester, and I am getting ready for finals. I am very excited to soon have holidays because I will get the chance and the time to read all the books that I collected during the semester.

One of the interesting event that happened during the month of November is the fact that I was nominated for the president position for the Francophone Club; so a week ago, I became the president of the association, and I am looking forward to accomplish plenty. But since it is the end of the semester, my position won’t be activated until next semester.

On the other hand, my sciences classes are getting harder, but I am loving the challenge each time. The harder the classes got, it showed me how much I love the science field, and how much patience I learned to cultivate. Overall , I am learning a lot, and discovering many aspects of myself as I grow.

In one word, happy finals, and happy winter everyone.