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December’s blog.

Dear Concord,

I am so happy that the fall semester is over, and that the year is almost to an end.

During this semester, I was challenged really hard due to my biology classes. I realized how I don’t like introductory courses because they cover too many subjects at the same time, which makes it harder to retain everything in so little time. My other challenge for the biology classes was for the fact that they were prerequisites, so it wasn’t necessarily an area of my interest, which made it harder for me. I realized that I love human anatomy, but genetics is a field that I will probably never like.

More importantly, those classes taught me so much; they taught me that sometimes in life, we will be put in position that we don’t appreciate, or some moments are not going to be favorable or easy to us, so we need to adapt, learn, and strive. I am not going to lie, it was hard, painful, and sometimes I did questionned myself, but during all those demanding moments, I learned to adapt, I learned to grow and to keep moving.

Since I started college, this fall semester was the hardest learning experience, where I had to really get out of my comfort zone. And for the first time, having to be mature wasn’t only a state of mind, but I had to put it in actions.

I am happy with myself, but especially with everyone that taught me a little bit more about life, and myself.

Well in one word, it was a great year, and may 2019 brings blessings for all of us.

Best wishes.

November’s blog.

Dear Concord,

Winter is officially here, and I am so ready for summer because I don’t really like cold weather. Soon it will be the end of the year, and it amazes me how fast the semester went, especially the year of 2018; I realized the older we get, the faster time goes by.

I am at the end of my semester, and I am getting ready for finals. I am very excited to soon have holidays because I will get the chance and the time to read all the books that I collected during the semester.

One of the interesting event that happened during the month of November is the fact that I was nominated for the president position for the Francophone Club; so a week ago, I became the president of the association, and I am looking forward to accomplish plenty. But since it is the end of the semester, my position won’t be activated until next semester.

On the other hand, my sciences classes are getting harder, but I am loving the challenge each time. The harder the classes got, it showed me how much I love the science field, and how much patience I learned to cultivate. Overall , I am learning a lot, and discovering many aspects of myself as I grow.

In one word, happy finals, and happy winter everyone.



October’s blog.

Dear Concord Fondation,

I hope October is going well for all of us, and that we are getting ready for winter.

In my case, I am getting ready to close this semester, and I can’t wait for thanksgiving so I can have a bit of time to read. With my weekly classes, reading, and homeworks, I barely get time to read; so I really miss it.

I am looking forward for spring registration, and I am starting to look at options for an undergraduate research, even if  I am not sure what type of research I want to work with yet. And also, as passtime I have been a goalkeeper for soccer, and I have been working out a lot as my anti-stress.

This month has been a constant flow of studying, doing homeworks, and getting reports done. Nothing major occurred yet, but I am still progressing toward my goal.

I am loving college, and I am loving all the challenges I encounter in my daily moments as a student, and as a young adult.

Happy end of October.



Greetings Concord,

I feel like this year went so fast, and that winter is rushing its way back. But the good news is we almost at the end of 2018, and soon we will be starting a fresh year.

Fall semester started a month ago, and I am loving my new school; so many options, so many extra curriculums. But I decided to join the francophone club, and I also joined the soccer club; I love being a goalkeeper, I think it is one of my favorite hobby apart from eating and reading.

On the other hand, I am fitting rather well, and I am loving the challenges of my new science classes. I just recently had my first exams, and I am realizing how every day I am falling more and more in love with the science field.

Couple months ago, I had introduced the idea of having my personal library, and my bookshelves are growing pretty fast; I love seeing the amount of books I read throughout the year.

Also, I found a great opportunity with red cross, where I can volunteer as a blood donor ambasssador; I am very excited even when the process of registration hasn’t started yet.

I am loving college because I am discovering more pieces of myself every day; I can’t wait to be able to go back to those blogs one day, after I graduate college, to see who I become.

Thank you very much.




Dear concord foundation,

Summer went by so fast, and it feels like this year is rushing to an end. I really can’t believe that we are at another beginning of a school year. But I am very excited.

For this fall, I transferred from Metropolitan state university to Saint cloud state; and so far I am loving it, there is so much to do that I still haven’t wrap my head around what I want to focus on this semester, in terms of extra curriculum. Meanwhile, I fell in love with their fitness center where I workout four times a week, and I also introduced myself to rock climbing (yes unbelievable! they have an indoor rock climbing). On the other hand, in terms of school, I am starting with some of my sciences classes, and I am kind of happy I don’t have a writing class anymore because it was one of my biggest challenge, but thank god to my perseverance, I survived last semester.

Another slight change I had was in my major, I went from being a biology major to a biomedical major since it is offered at Saint Cloud State. So in total, it is another start in  a new location, but I am very optimistic person, so I will do all my best to succeed the school year of 2018-2019.

I hope everyone has a great year, and all the best.

Thank you, sincerely.

May’s blog.

Dear Concord foundation,

I am very happy summer is here, and I am enjoying the extreme weather. I know that Minnesota is a very bipolar state, but I will always take the heat over the cold.

I have been in vacation for almost a month now, and I am enjoying summer. Even with the free time that I get, I still decided to take a summer class online, which is algebra. My schedule is very light as for right now, but it gives me time to read, and grow my personal book collection.

I just completed a year of college, and it is amazing to see how fast time passes. And it reminded me of one of my father”s saying : ” the clock will keep ticking, so keep moving forward”. And the whole experience was like a roller coaster ride to be honest; there were grey moments where I was just so exhausted and stressed, but there were also moments full with lights and happiness.

During that year, I learned so much about myself, and experienced so much personal growth that it shocked me when I looked at my progression. I personally believe that my patience and communication skills sharpened to a better level. We have to see that college is a micro-society where we meet different cultures, different beliefs and different perspectives. And what makes a society at its best, it’s all those differences finding a common ground so harmony can reign.

I would be bias to say that college is the key to open all the doors for everyone, but for me it is the key to open that one door. I believe in education, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I personally come from a country that was classified as a ” third world country “; maybe some of my childhood friends might not get the chance that I have today, but for the fact that some people believed in my dream, one day I will be able to reciprocate the same actions.

It was a great year, and thank you for all the support I encountered during that period. And I am looking forward for the next journey, which is next fall.

Happy summer vacation, enjoy the heat, and stay hydrated.

Thank you.


April’s blog.

Dear Concord,

I hope April is treating you all well.

This is my last week for this semester, and I am also very happy that spring is here; even if I am dying with allergies, I would rather have that than snow.

Meanwhile, throughout this semester I discovered a lot about myself, and I encountered a couple obstacles, but overall it was a really interesting learning experience. My favorite class was math because it was fun even when it got difficult; today was my math final and I did great. But my writing class made me cry almost every time I had a long paper to write. The good thing about the writing class is the fact that my English improved, and my vocabulary list extended.

I am very happy that summer break is here because finally I can read more books due to my free time. During the semester, I’ve been collecting numerous books, and I haven’t quit had the time to begin my reading marathon.

Secondly, I will be playing soccer with Metrostate league, and I am very excited because our first game is going to be on Sunday, so hopefully I am not too rusty.

So this is the closing moment of the spring semester of 2018, and all I can say is I grew, and I learned.

Thank you very much.