Halloween blog.

Salutations Concord,

Halloween is close, November will be here soon and I am not ready for winter. I guess we better get our hot chocolates and coats ready; but in the other hand I am loving life and college.

”College”, what a word…. Everyone says it will be the best years of my life but they forgot to tell me about the stress of midterms. Midterms just passed and I did great but it was stressful. My classes are very long and I never realized that time could go by so slowly. Also, I discovered writing is not my strong point due to the language barrier, so I have to put way more time into my papers and I am loving it because I do love challenges, I love pushing my capabilities to a better level. Secondly, I am keeping my grades up because I find good support and I seek it out even when it can be hard to find because my father always told me:” The door of opportunity is not always open, sometimes you have to go seek it and open it’‘.

Meanwhile, soccer is almost over, I have two games left and it has been a great season; I say so because we won a couple games and I barely got hurt except that I sprain my finger and twisted my ankle. But with all this, it made the experience fun and I am happy that I joined the soccer league.

In overall, I love it so far, I met so many amazing people that it feels like I’ve been here forever. But do not get me wrong, I do get bad days but I focus on the positive side of my day because life is a series of ups and downs; I just embrace it all.

Happy Halloween….


2 thoughts on “Halloween blog.”

  1. Adowa – I hope you are enjoying school, I am sure you are looking forward to Thanksgiving break! It is nice to hear about your adventures in soccer and at school. Take care – keep up the hard work!


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