November blog..

Greetings Concord,

Winter is making its way through at a fast-paced, this semester is almost over and the year of 2017 is close to say goodbye; I have two more weeks and a half remaining in this term and I can’t wait for Christmas. In the other hand, soccer season is over for now, but if we get the correct funding we might play winter league.

Meanwhile, I placed my candidacy for student senate, and I decided to run as a candidate because I always wanted to be part of student senate due to the fact that I love to help others, and many suggested so because I have a great sense of responsibility and discipline. Hopefully with what I have to offer, I hope to get the opportunity to be of service to my fellow students. Also, at the beginning of the semester, I was going to become the officer of the adventure club, but sadly the president didn’t find enough candidates to reintegrate the organization; so for now, this case went cold.

Finally, my classes are going well but I do miss having a math class because in my opinion, I feel like writing is way more difficult and stressful, especially when writing in English is not my strongest point due to the language barrier.

But in overall, I am loving the college experience and I am learning so much about myself and life.

Happy end of November. Thank you

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