February blog…

Good morning Concord Foundation,

I hope that February is treating all of us well so far. For me, I am impatient for Spring because I am mentally, and physically tired of winter. It makes me have nostalgia of my country where the coldest it would get is 70 degrees.

I would not complain too much because I am still having a great time in college. My classes are fun, very long but very interesting. It is midterms already; I recently took my math exam, and it went really well since it is my favorite subject. On the other hand, my other classes are about writing long papers. Overall, it is going to be a great semester, even when there’s grey moments.

It surprises me how time flies and don’t wait for anyone, I still can’t imagine that we are already half way through the semester. Soon enough, I will be starting a fresh term.

Meanwhile, I have a routine which is great because it gives me a sense of control, and security. Plus, I get numerous stuff done as extra activities, so my life is not monotone every day. For example, I signed up for the French Alliance where I get French books to read, and my goal have been to read two books monthly. I vary it like that  because I don’t want my college experience to be only about going to school, study and my position. As a student, I realized that after being in class for so long, studying so much, the tendency is to take a rest and relax, while time is passing. I understand that rest is important, but I love to stay busy all the time. So in one word, I’ve been doing extra activities that will be helpful for me in terms of knowledge, and health.

So far, my semester is going wonderful, and I am having a great time with my classes. My whole experience is very positive.



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