March blog.

Greetings Concord,

I hope March has been a wonderful month due to the fact that we can smell spring right around the corner. I am very impatient for winter to go away, I feel like it has been eternity.

While I am complaining about the weather almost every day, there’s been some changes in my life in terms of school. First of all, I resigned from my position as a VP of the senate for many reasons. I stepped down not because of the work load or the responsibilities, but for reasons I can’t display.  I am a person who loves to help my community, and I love being a positive leader, so it was a very hard decision for me to make, but it was a wise decision for me at that moment. But, during my short term, I learned about myself, and I developed strength to some of my weaknesses. I improved my leadership skills, but also my communication skills.

Secondly, I developed a real passion for mathematics, I love how frustrating it can be solving a problem, while missing one step can ruin everything. Math is a good subject where I think it sharpens your patience skills, and the desire to keep going even if it means to restart a step all over again. Something about math makes me think about life, where if we do not do the little steps, we might never get a good result for the final product.

Finally, it soon going to be soccer season, and I probably will want to be a goalkeeper again for the league since I am not part of the senate anymore, so it means my schedule will not be as heavy. And the fact that I love to stay busy, and I don’t have  nothing yet to put in my schedule,  I’ll be spending the time playing soccer.

College is interesting, sometimes it drives you crazy, sometimes it feels like paradise, and what makes the whole experience kind of unique is all those ups and downs, the bright or dark days. I’ve been reading a lot because when I read it is a whole different world, it is the one time when my brain stop boiling like a volcano.

Overall, college is very eventful, it can be stressful but believe it or not, we learn a lot in terms of being part of a micro society, beginning the adulthood path, and discovering a little bit more about who we are.

Thank you for everything, and Happy Easter.


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