April’s blog.

Dear Concord,

I hope April is treating you all well.

This is my last week for this semester, and I am also very happy that spring is here; even if I am dying with allergies, I would rather have that than snow.

Meanwhile, throughout this semester I discovered a lot about myself, and I encountered a couple obstacles, but overall it was a really interesting learning experience. My favorite class was math because it was fun even when it got difficult; today was my math final and I did great. But my writing class made me cry almost every time I had a long paper to write. The good thing about the writing class is the fact that my English improved, and my vocabulary list extended.

I am very happy that summer break is here because finally I can read more books due to my free time. During the semester, I’ve been collecting numerous books, and I haven’t quit had the time to begin my reading marathon.

Secondly, I will be playing soccer with Metrostate league, and I am very excited because our first game is going to be on Sunday, so hopefully I am not too rusty.

So this is the closing moment of the spring semester of 2018, and all I can say is I grew, and I learned.

Thank you very much.



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