May’s blog.

Dear Concord foundation,

I am very happy summer is here, and I am enjoying the extreme weather. I know that Minnesota is a very bipolar state, but I will always take the heat over the cold.

I have been in vacation for almost a month now, and I am enjoying summer. Even with the free time that I get, I still decided to take a summer class online, which is algebra. My schedule is very light as for right now, but it gives me time to read, and grow my personal book collection.

I just completed a year of college, and it is amazing to see how fast time passes. And it reminded me of one of my father”s saying : ” the clock will keep ticking, so keep moving forward”. And the whole experience was like a roller coaster ride to be honest; there were grey moments where I was just so exhausted and stressed, but there were also moments full with lights and happiness.

During that year, I learned so much about myself, and experienced so much personal growth that it shocked me when I looked at my progression. I personally believe that my patience and communication skills sharpened to a better level. We have to see that college is a micro-society where we meet different cultures, different beliefs and different perspectives. And what makes a society at its best, it’s all those differences finding a common ground so harmony can reign.

I would be bias to say that college is the key to open all the doors for everyone, but for me it is the key to open that one door. I believe in education, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I personally come from a country that was classified as a ” third world country “; maybe some of my childhood friends might not get the chance that I have today, but for the fact that some people believed in my dream, one day I will be able to reciprocate the same actions.

It was a great year, and thank you for all the support I encountered during that period. And I am looking forward for the next journey, which is next fall.

Happy summer vacation, enjoy the heat, and stay hydrated.

Thank you.


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