December’s blog.

Dear Concord,

I am so happy that the fall semester is over, and that the year is almost to an end.

During this semester, I was challenged really hard due to my biology classes. I realized how I don’t like introductory courses because they cover too many subjects at the same time, which makes it harder to retain everything in so little time. My other challenge for the biology classes was for the fact that they were prerequisites, so it wasn’t necessarily an area of my interest, which made it harder for me. I realized that I love human anatomy, but genetics is a field that I will probably never like.

More importantly, those classes taught me so much; they taught me that sometimes in life, we will be put in position that we don’t appreciate, or some moments are not going to be favorable or easy to us, so we need to adapt, learn, and strive. I am not going to lie, it was hard, painful, and sometimes I did questionned myself, but during all those demanding moments, I learned to adapt, I learned to grow and to keep moving.

Since I started college, this fall semester was the hardest learning experience, where I had to really get out of my comfort zone. And for the first time, having to be mature wasn’t only a state of mind, but I had to put it in actions.

I am happy with myself, but especially with everyone that taught me a little bit more about life, and myself.

Well in one word, it was a great year, and may 2019 brings blessings for all of us.

Best wishes.

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