May’s Blog 2019

Dear everyone,

As I am writing this blog, birds are singing outside, the sun is struggling to shine under the heavy clouds. We know spring is here, but I believe it will only last probably a week or two before the summer heat hit us.

On the other hand, the semester is over, and I am very happy because I am very tired. This semester was extremely challenging, and I have learned so much. I learned about perseverance and chemistry taught me patience. Chemistry is a very interesting subject, I fell in love with it, but love wasn’t enough to succeed. There were so many homework per day, where I had to do chemistry for three hours a day, and I had 4 other classes to manage at the same time. My schedule felt like I was juggling rocks on fire every second of that semester, ( and there was no way for me to drop any of the rocks on the floor). With all that said, I succeeded with a lot of sweats, late nights and a lot of coffee.

In conclusion, looking back at this semester, it was great experience. It built me up a little bit more.

Happy vacation to all.



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